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Getting A Job

Get Ahead : Scouting and Employabilitycool_dude_job

A guide for Explorers and Scout Network members. Whether they are applying for higher education or jobs, competition is higher than ever and it is important to stand out.

This resource will help Explorers and Scout Network members identify a range of skills they have developed through Scouting, and show them how to include them in CVs, application forms and interview answers to gain an advantage. Download this guide and share with Explorer Scouts.

Get Ahead: Scouting and Employability (PDF)

So you need a reference?!

Many Explorer Scounts get stuck on a job application form where it says "You need a referee who has known you for at least 3 years and isn't related to you..." or some blurb along those lines! Well...we can help, your Group Scout Leader (Nick) can be used as a referee, provided you have been in the group longer than 3 years and you are an active member of the group.

Please drop the relevent leader an email if you do want to use them as a referee...so we at least know!

It's not just jobs you need a referee for, we are also happy to be names on UCAS forms and anything else!