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The Explorer Belt


The Explorer Belt is a challenge of a lifetime for Explorers over 16 years old and members of the Scout Network.

It is a chance to take part in a ten day expedition that brings you a real understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life. You will develop this understanding by travelling through your chosen country.

Working as a small team to complete a main project pre-agreed before leaving and a series of short mini projects which may be surprise projects set just before you leave and most importantly by meeting local people.

This is an experience and an achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life.



Explorer Belt expeditions in Kent are overseen by Vicky Soames. You should contact Vicky at the very start of your preparations to discuss your expedition. Vicky and her team will help to guide you through the process and provide support where required using the experience of past expeditions.

Be an Explorer Scout aged 16 or over, a Scout Network member, or a member of the Senior Section of Girlguiding aged
16 or over.

Undertake a 10-day expedition as part of a team* outside of the UK with a minimum travelling time of 50 hours over the 10 days, by foot, cycle, horse, canoe, boat or dinghy.

If aged 16-18 years old, you may only participate in an organised expedition supported by an in-country leadership team, rather than being self-led.

The use of public transport is acceptable as part of the travelling time, where opportunities to meet people would otherwise be missed.

*Minimum starting number of young people per team is three with the minimum of two per team completing the expedition.

More information about the Explorer Belt and the requirements can be found at:http://members.scouts.org.uk/explorerbelt